Walton & Frinton Yacht Club

Full sail ahead with an Open Solutions EPoS

A feature rich EPoS system makes Walton & Frinton Yacht Club’s membership even more worthwhile

Whether the tide’s in or out, Walton & Frinton Yacht Club boasts one of the best locations in the UK from which to enjoy a meal or a pint – or better still, both. So with around 550 members, it’s worth exploring its decision in 2017 to replace its existing EPoS system with one from Open Solutions.

Making the move towards a cashless club

Celebrating its centenary in 2020, the club’s evolved from a Royal Navy observation tower and a few ex-Army huts to a purpose built clubhouse and a Royal Yacht Association Training Centre, with all the facilities to learn, have fun and enjoy as someone once put it, messing about in boats. Those boats can range from canoes and dinghies all the way to powerboats.

Out of the water, the focus is on the bar and food and Walton & Frinton’s members can, if they choose, also enjoy affiliated membership of the local golf and cricket clubs as well. But up until 2017, as club manager Steve Gregory explains: “The club’s existing EPoS system couldn’t accommodate cards and discounts, so its members couldn’t enjoy the same privilege of discounted drinks that the other club’s members enjoyed.”

He continues: “So it was a relatively easy decision to install the same EPoS system and touch screen till as the golf club, ie. from Open Solutions.”

Members’ card usage now running at 60%+

Gregory comments: “We’ve kept our use of the EPoS system pretty straightforward, making the cards optional with a 10% discount on drinks to encourage members to take them up and place money on their club based account. Currently around 60% of the membership now have club cards and use them regularly, placing anywhere between a few quid to cover a round, to £100 on a regular basis.”

“Those members now use their cards automatically, some just by remembering their membership card number when asked at the bar. When staff recognise a member they can place their order on that member’s account.”

Going completely cashless

With an EPoS system driven by members’ cards and accounts, there’s increasingly less need for the club to have to handle cash, and as Gregory outlines, the club’s on its way to becoming completely cashless.

“We moved to a card based EPoS system as an initial step to making the club largely cashless,” he says, “as part of our drive to improve security at the club. With the majority of the members now using their cards, in May this year we’re moving one step nearer that goal and will be encouraging every member to take up their card.”

Top notch training and after sales support

While the EPoS system itself offers a comprehensive set of features and as importantly, reports for the club’s manager and decision makers, two key parts of the Open Solutions package are training and support. 

They are factors that are both critical to ensuring that any investment in operational software is and remains wholly effective, and one that Open Solutions’ customers consistently rate very highly. Walton & Frinton Yacht Club’s no exception, as Gregory explains:

“Our bar staff and treasurer were very well catered for when it came to the initial training. But Open Solutions have been exceptionally helpful when it comes to the issue of support.”

He adds: “We’ve recently changed our computers over from Windows 7 to Windows 10 operating systems, and the support we received during the changeover was absolutely excellent, making sure that it was seamless and without interruption to our data or day to day operation.”

Listen to the customers

And the moral of the story? In today’s increasingly cashless environment, making your club as near cashless as possible means you need a card driven EPoS system. The choice of such systems is wide, but when you add in the needs for an EPoS system:

- Which is easy to learn and use
- Which provides comprehensive reporting
- That ensures your staff are well trained
- That works seamlessly with a choice of PDQ machines
- And which is very well supported year on year,

…then it makes sense to listen to what its customers have to say about Open Solutions.