School solutions

Cash still carried by kids for their school lunch? Reduce the paperwork, streamline your administration, and enable parents to pay and top up online

Our cashless payment systems deliver numerous benefits to school catering departments. Instead of carrying cash, pupils and students carry cards which can be topped up by their parents. Dietary requirements can also be identified to the individual at the point of menu choice.

Is your catering PoS technology:

Safeguarding your children’s health?

Our EPoS system is able to identify dietary restrictions so that any potentially harmful menu ingredients can be flagged up at the point of choice.


Using payment cards with our school catering EPoS system avoids the need for children to carry money, improving safety and security.

Supported by experts?

We know that once you’ve bought software, it’s the support that counts. All anyone wants when they need support is to pick up the phone and speak with someone who can fix their problem. Our customers talk openly to their peers about our support being the best they’ve experienced.

Ensuring your data security?

All your members’ data is held on your server, not in ‘the cloud’, while our web services are hosted on servers to ensure a high level of security. 2018 sees a host of new data protection legislation, so we are ensuring all our systems are designed to make it easy for you to be compliant.

Providing great value?

While our system and its support is reasonably priced, it is unmatched for reliability and richness of features, along with class leading service standards.

Giving you everything you want?

Our customers know what they want from software, and they tell us. We listen, prioritise and develop new features, and create better ways of doing things.

Keeping you ahead of fast moving technology?

Our customers prefer a business solutions provider that they can rely on to keep them ahead of the game.

Product overviews

We tailor our EPoS technology to suit your own school’s needs:

EPoS (cashless payment solutions)

Fast and versatile EPoS systems.

Our EPoS software delivers cashless services via loyalty cards. The software interfaces between your tills and back office computers, with full reporting of all transactions. Pupils’ and students’ parents can add money to their children’s accounts via their credit and/or debit cards.

Key Features

  • Improves cash flow as money is prepaid on to the cards
  • Reduces human error
  • All till transactions are recorded in the financial reporting software
  • Avoids the need for staff to deal with cash transactions
  • Provides a full financial and school catering reporting system

Online top ups

Parents can now manage and top up their children’s accounts online.

Parents can check their children’s balances, review their purchases and do top ups via the school website.

Key Features

  • Improves your school catering service and experience
  • Enhances parental control
  • Potentially encourages a better diet
  • Reduces administration and wasted staff time

Pupils’ and students’ payment cards

A card identifies the pupil or student to school catering staff and ensures cashless transactions.

Key Features

  • Identical to bank card dimensions
  • Swipe or proximity option
  • Can be designed however the school wants
  • Money held in server based account not on card