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Transform your golf clubs' management and communications

Any club manager or secretary will tell you that every golf club is different, and with over 200 to look after, we’d agree. Over the years, our customers have told us what they want, what they’d like, and helped us develop all sorts of new features to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

Is your clubhouse software:

Designed to make money?

The core of our software offering is the EPoS system, developed to help our customers make more money. Using card based accounts will increase sales, differential pricing between members and visitors improves margins, and discounts for bigger spenders retains valuable members. Our stock system helps you see slow movers, and our lottery system automates an additional income stream.

Mobile ready?

Our app gives your members all the information they want in two taps: card account balances and sales receipts, online top ups to their accounts, latest club news, other members’ contact details, latest competition entry and results, latest handicap and certificate, functions diary.

Supported by experts?

We know that once you’ve bought software, it’s the support that counts. All anyone wants when they need support is to pick up the phone and speak with someone who can fix their problem. Our customers talk openly to their peers about our support being the best they’ve experienced.

Providing great value?

While our system and its support is reasonably priced, it is unmatched for reliability and richness of features, along with class leading service standards.

Ensuring your data security?

Clubs’ members’ accounts have been hacked into because of their providers’ lax approach to security. All your members’ data is held on your club’s server, not in ‘the cloud’, while our web and mobile services are hosted on servers to ensure a high level of security. 2018 sees a host of new data protection legislation, so we are ensuring all our systems are designed to make it easy for you to be compliant.

Giving you everything you want?

Our customers know what they want from software, and they tell us. We listen, prioritise and develop new features and better ways of doing things. That is why our EPoS system ran Flexible Membership or points based schemes way before our rivals.

Keeping you ahead of fast moving technology?

95% of the UK population use smartphones or tablets now. We saw this coming, which is why we developed a club members’ app with more features and data retrieval capabilities than any of our rivals. Our customers prefer a provider that they can rely on to keep them ahead of the game.

Product overviews

We tailor our product packages to suit your own club’s needs, and our integrated business solutions include:

Back office software

The power behind the EPoS till system, it offers a number of revolutionary features to improve administration, reporting and integration with other applications. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office, membership and access control systems, it can offer unlimited bespoke reporting, accounts integration and real time stock control.

The depth of the analysis means decision makers can be provided with comprehensive reports eg. sales to whatever level of detail you want for drinks and food to know which individual wines, beers, soft drinks etc. are selling fast or slowly, and which food items are the most and least popular.

Key Features

  • Member multiple purse accounts & administration
  • Member balance top-ups
  • Till screen layout & design
  • Product management & sales reports
  • Membership management
  • Loyalty discounts
  • Points system, can run flexible memberships
  • Stock control, including deliveries
  • Access control
  • Staff till access, identification and monitoring
  • Promotional offers
  • Data backup
  • Income reports, including nominal summaries, for posting into your accounts

Customer points system

Create an incentive for your members: accrue points with every purchase so that they spend more money at your bar, restaurant or shop. Fully flexible, you create your own rules. For example, set all beers to accrue 2 points per pint purchased: 10 pints earns 20 points for a free beer.

The points system may be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, the percentage based member discounts. Why not give members a flexible membership option that offers points to spend on green fees, room hire or bookings?

For further information on points and flexi membership, please see our case study on Haywards Heath Golf Club

EPoS (cashless payment solutions)

Fast and versatile EPoS systems.

Our EPoS software delivers cashless services via loyalty cards. The software interfaces between your tills, membership and back office, with full reporting of all transactions. Members can add money to their accounts via their club app, or their credit and/or debit cards, Direct Debit or cash top ups.

Key Features

  • Improves your cash flow as the members prepay money on to their loyalty cards
  • Improves revenue generation via club bars & restaurants as members' discounts on food and drinks drives up sales
  • Improves stock control and wastage by enabling the built-in stock control monitoring software
  • Reduces human error, bar & restaurant staff input mistakes as all till transactions are recorded in the financial reporting software
  • Reduces the need for staff to deal with cash transactions, particularly with members able to top up their cards online
  • Provides a full financial and bar & restaurant product reporting system which enables you to identify buying trends and stock to meet demand

Members app

A members' app for their mobile devices

A native mobile app that delivers all the key personal information instantly to your members. They can also see their personal financial, competition, handicap and membership data as well as receive club communication direct to their mobile device.

Key Features

  • Enables members to top-up their card balances online, reducing the queues at your tills at busy periods
  • Complete financial history: provides your members with their current balance on their loyalty cards and a full detailed history of monies spent over the last year, reducing queries in the club office
  • Encourages your members to top-up their loyalty cards and provide additional revenue and cash into the club
  • Enables members to enter and pay for competitions via their mobile devices, improving cash flow
  • Provides full membership contact details to all members which can replace the need to print Club Diaries
  • Provides current and full history of member handicap records and certificates
  • Enables you to send push notifications to single or groups of members informing them of course conditions, special offers, social activities, competition and club match results
  • Enhances membership retention as you are providing this valuable app and all its services free to the members

Handicaps & competitions

The Handicap software meets the regulatory requirements of CONGU and automatically provides fully updated information to the Central Handicap Database.

Cobra is our integrated membership, handicaps and competitions software platform. The handicap software meets the regulatory requirements of CONGU and automatically provides fully updated information to the Central Handicap Database (CHD) to make sure all our golf club customers comply. The competition software enables the club to set up and run the annual club, draws, and open competitions, recording and delivering all competition result details.

Key Features

  • Provides you with fully automated systems to run competitions
  • Meets all the regulatory requirements of the Handicap authorities, CONGU and England Golf
  • Shows competition leader boards
  • Full historical handicap information
  • Full scorecard details for all competitions

Online top ups

Members can now manage and top-up accounts online.

Your members can now manage their bar and pro shop accounts online, so that they can check their balances, review their purchases and do top-ups via the app and the club website.

Key Features

  • Improves your membership services and experience
  • Facilitates increased spending
  • Reduces administration and wasted staff time

Membership & subs

Manage all of your membership data, and save time.

Simple and intuitive software that enables you to collect and manage all of your membership data, email subscription payments, and keep track of all your members’ payment status, thus reducing time spent on administration.

Key Features

  • Timely & precise reporting
  • Transparent & efficient collection of subscription revenues
  • Effective oversight of your members' payment status
  • Reduces time spent on administration

Online lesson bookings

Make it easy for your members to book lessons, anytime, anywhere

Provide your members with an online way to book lessons – wherever they are, whatever time it is – with your club PGA Professionals. Maximise their teaching schedules and enable interactive coaching with video uploads.

Key Features

  • Improves teaching revenues
  • Simplify and enhance the quality of information and service provided to your members by your PGA Professionals
  • Improves membership engagement and retention

Stock control

Powerful stock control and bar code scanning

Our EPoS software always had stock control for your bar as an add-on feature, but now we have integrated a powerful bar code scanning tool, making it much easier to integrate and manage the Pro Shop as well if appropriate.

Key Features

  • Improves profitability and turnover
  • Accurate stock information: Simplify and enhance the quality of information and service that your PGS Professionals provide your members
  • Check fast and slow moving lines to manage your pricing better
  • Reduces administration time

Tee time booking

Sell those available tee times, 24/7.

Maximise yield by offering selected tee times to visitors directly from your website, which can be booked and paid for in advance.

Key Features

  • Allows visitors to book 24/7 via your website
  • Increases your control and maximise yield from your visitor green fees
  • Improves your members’ experience by allowing them to see when visitors are booked to play, and to choose a more appropriate tee time


Automate your club lottery to make more money.

Our EPoS system can be enabled to run a club lottery, improving efficiency, saving management and members time, and increasing membership engagement and reach.

Key Features

  • Ensures members keep their accounts topped up
  • Emails all the members with the results
  • This encourages higher take up
  • Reports for lottery income and revenue

Diary & Bookings

Central to the way every club is managed, the diary and booking system has been designed to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Besides capturing all events, it enables you to capture every detail, note and number, allowing you to take an enquiry through to full confirmation and deposit.

Key Features

  • Prompts capture of all key details
  • Can be seen by all departments with permission
  • Linked to EPoS account system
  • Enables special accounts for the day or evening
  • Gives you full cash flow projections

Loyalty Cards

Identifies the member to club staff, while being a branded symbol of membership to the individual.

Key Features

  • Identical to bank card dimensions
  • Swipe or proximity option
  • Can be designed any way the club wants
  • Money held in server based accounts not on their cards
Jeremy Bohn

" Its additional detail such as the receipts feature is certainly reducing both calls to the office and the time it takes for us to give them the details they're after. The app lets them do that themselves and lets us get on with all the other things we're trying to do."

Jeremy Bohn, GM Hartsbourne G&CC
Adrian Dawson, Woodcote Park Golf Club

" To date, we’ve not seen anything that matches this capability, and that’s got a lot to do with why we’ve kept OS for over 12 years. The simple fact is that everything works, is stable, and does what we want it to."

Adrian Dawson, Woodcote Park Golf Club