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Touch screen till systems An IBM touchscreen till

Our touchscreen till terminals are complimented by a comprehensive range of quality peripherals from which you can select a solution to match your requirements.

We only use the most reliable branded systems from the likes of NCR, Epson, Toshiba-TEC and Panasonic, so you can be assured that your till systems will have a long lifespan.

These powerful systems are all fully integrated with our Osis Back Office software, meaning you can take full advantage of complete integration. Comprehensive reports, real time stock control, staff monitoring and more, are all seamlessly linked in real time to your touch screen till system.

only use the highest quality branded systems
IBM and NCR logos

Combine the best member loyalty management software on the market with the most reliable, value for money hardware. Our experience in the industry has shown us that the quality of hardware really matters; supplying only the best hardware on the market to our customers has had a massive impact in reducing the number of hardware failures. All units sold by these manufacturers are 'retail hardened' and subject to much more rigorous testing than the lesser known brands, and the components used in them are statistically less likely to fail. The difference in quality and longevity has convinced us to only offer hardware from these quality providers.

All the benefits of total integration

No matter what method of identification you decide to use for till users, whether it be swipe cards or proximity cards, you will stand to benefit from our comprehensive integrated systems. Your members or customers will be able to buy drinks at the bar using the same swipe card or proximity keyfob they used to gain access to the building (if you have door access control installed).

Equally, you will be able to see orders through the point of sale as they occur (all in real time). All data is safely stored, and can be used to generate comprehensive reports to any level of detail you require, through our powerful OSIS management software. To see more about the sophisticated reporting features of OSIS, please click here.

Staff can use the tills to log on to their shift, which, when combined with a biometric reader and staff monitoring system, guarantees the accuracy of your staff audit trail. You will be able to see exactly how many hours a staff member has worked, and will even be able to identify precisely what items they sold, and even who they sold items to!

When you purchase a system from Open Solutions, you are not only purchasing the most sophisticated and reliable hardware; you are also investing in an invaluable tool that will help you better understand your own business and customers!


Customise your touchsreen till to your own requirements with any of the following peripherals:

Swipe card ID

A swipe card reader enables your members or loyalty customers to purchase items at the till using their card, which is linked to their loyalty account. If integrated with a door access control system, your customers will be able to buy items with the same card they use to gain access to your premises. (

A swipe card being used in a touch screen till
Proximity key fob id

Proximity Keyfobs can be combined with your door access control system to allow customers and staff to gain access to your building by simply waving the keyfob in front of the reader instead of swiping. Keyfobs are convenient to attach to your keychain, or alternatively we stock proximity cards which can be contained in a plastic holder with lanyard, or in a wallet. Much like with swipe cards, the same keyfob can also be used to purchase items through our touchscreen till system (requires compatible proximity readers)

A proximity key fob
Integrated customer display

For tills that are located on the front of the bar with their back to the customer, we can supply customer display units which will show the customer exactly what is being rung into the till, with the prices.

Biometric fingerprint reader

The biometric fingerprint reader can be installed directly onto your touchscreen till (an integrated option is available with NCR and Panasonic models, and USB for all others). This offers the most secure staff log in method that is available on the market today. You can have complete confidence in the reliability of your audit trail and all reports produced by the Osis software.

For more detailed information on how biometric fingerprint ID works, please click here

biometric fingerprint scanner

The software installed on our touch screen systems has been designed to be easy to use for staff, and easy to administer by managers.

Within its easy to use interface, you can make use of features and options including:

  • Advanced POS functionality
  • Straight forward, secure cashing up procedures
  • Member photo identification
  • Member mini statements
  • Flexible restaurant table planner options
  • Fully customisable product buttons
  • Real-time access and updating of data
  • Integration with Osis Back Office Software.
  • Differential Pricing Options
  • Static or tiered member discounts
  • Multiple kitchen printer support
  • Secure operator sign on options including biometric fingerprint readers
  • Real-time stock control and deliveries
  • Multiple Purses
  • Points system module
  • Automatic software updates

You will receive full and comprehensive training that will teach you not only how to use our products, but how to use them to your financial and administrative advantage. We will train your staff to use the till system, and will spend a full day showing you how to use the back office management software, to take advantage of its powerful features. We also offer a number of cost saving training options at our head office.

The training we got from Open Solutions was first class. It took a day, at the end of which we all felt very confident to carry on with the new system.