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Osis is the back office management software accompanying the Open Solutions till software (GPOS), and it offers some revolutionary features in terms of club administration, reporting and integration with other systems. Everything is fully integrated and runs in real time - administration is made easy and seamless.

You can expect features such as Microsoft Office® integration, unlimited number of custom reports, linking to membership and access control systems, accounts integration and real time stock control.

Many of our customers have commented on the enormous benefits that this system brings. Particularly impressive is the ability to create completely customised reports to any level of detail you require.


Easily manage every element of your system to whatever level of detail you need. Whether this means till management, door access control, staff monitoring or any other aspect of your system, you have complete control over everything.

Everything runs in real time, is configurable and can be fully integrated with your existing system.

Advanced Reporting

Generate reports on any information you require. You can generate comprehensive reports on anything from your top spenders, to something as specific as querying how many products you sold each Friday between 4pm-5pm for the past year.

Download reports from our extensive online database and have custom built reports created specifically for your business by our support staff.

Better financial information means better profitability and productivity from your employees.

The depth of the analysis compared to our old system is amazing. We can provide the committee with comprehensive reports of our sales to whatever level of detail we want, whereas before we could only provide sales figures in general for drinks and food. Now we know when and which invidual wines, beers, soft drinks etc. are selling fast or slowly, and which food items are the most and least popular.
Douglas Neave, club secretary, Royal Ashdown
OSIS product editing
A screenshot of our Osis Back Office software.
OSIS reports
A sample product sales summary.

We offer complete integration with a number of popular systems, including Croft Membership and Accounts, Intelligent Golf, BRS and HandicapMaster. We are also able to integrate with any existing bespoke solution you may already be using, such as an Access database.

You do not have to be concerned about losing any of the information you already hold, and far from adding another new system for you to worry about, our integration will ensure that our solution will build on your existing systems, thus reducing your workload.

Such seamless integration means you spend less time managing and administrating your system.

For a more indepth article on how our integration works, please click here.

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Our software has been created in house, to offer unparalleled control over every aspect of the system. It works on both Windows® XP,7,8 and 10. Within its easy to use interface, you can administer and monitor all aspects of your system, including:

  • Till screen layout & design
  • Product management
  • Membership management
  • Sales reports
  • Loyalty discounts
  • Points system
  • Stock Control, including deliveries
  • Access Control
  • Staff till access and monitoring
  • Promotional offers
  • Member accounts statements
  • Member multiple purse account admin
  • Member balance top-ups
  • Data backups
  • Income reports, including nominal summaries, for posting into your accounts
We will combine your existing systems into one database, whether they are from DJB, Croft, or part of an existing bespoke solution.

For new installations, we will train your staff to use the software and tailor this according to which staff use which part of the system. This is typically a full day, but extra days will be given where the membership and subscriptions system is installed, or stock control. The result is that you will know how to utilise all the features - both at the point of sale and in the back-office - and to use those features to make life easier for the staff and members, whilst hopefully also seeing a saving in time and money.

We also offer a variety of training options for existing customers, including onsite visits for a half or full day, or one-to-one and group sessions at our training suite at head office. All training sessions can be tailored specifically to what you and your staff need. For more information please contact the helpdesk on 0800 107 5285.

The training we got from Open Solutions was first class. It took a day, at the end of which we all felt very confident to carry on with the new system.