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We wanted a system that was genuinely and fully integrated, from the tills, through the Club's administration, to control of the doors. The GPoS system has 'stretch' - it will be able to grow with the Club as we move forward. But it is the complete integration aspect that I really like - membership and subscriptions, bar and catering, secretarial resource, competitions and handicaps, booking facilities - all of these are now fully integrated and working together to make my team's working lives easier.
Group Captain Chris Moore, Royal Liverpool
We've got all the bases covered

No matter what requirements you have, whether it be touch screen tills, access control system, player score system, points system, or even elements installed by another company, Open Solutions will fully integrate the whole enterprise to run in real time, from one database. Your members' will only ever have to carry one card - they can then use the same card to gain entry to the club (if necessary) and start purchasing drinks at the bar! Total integration makes things easier for both you and your members.

The benefits are clear: integration allows you to tailor your system to your exact needs without restricting your options to a 'one size fits all' product, allowing you to take a modular approach to your system that falls in line with your timescale and budget.

Cherry pick the best systems for your business. With Open Solutions, you are able to choose the best components for your business.

On the face of it, it appears very difficult for a club to pursue its own strategy of acquiring the best specialist software from the companies acknowledged as the best in their particular field.

By offering an integrated solution, you are able to use the very best software applications in each field, and link them together. By comparison, some 'all in one' packages from the same vendor may be good in one area but lacking in others. An example of software used in a golf club could include:

- Open Solutions' GPoS till system and access control software

- Croft's Membership and Accounts system (especially useful for dealing with partial VAT)

- Handicap Master's online competitions and handicapping software

Open Solutions will happily work alongside other companies to ensure you get the best possible integrated solution for your club or business. As a manager you can select the best specialist software from these companies, and still operate a completely integrated system with everything running from one membership database.

Our case study on Craigie Hill Golf Club shows how they are using a fully integrated system with Open Solutions tills and Membership, MyTeeTime online bookings, and HandicapMaster.

We won't be beaten when it comes to integration options! Here are some of the companies and applications our OSIS and GPOS software can integrate with:

  • Croft Accounts
  • Croft Membership
  • HandicapMaster
  • MyTeeTimes (Bedford Beck)
  • BRS
  • Intelligent Golf
  • EndX
  • Intelligent Gaming
  • Guestline (room bookings)
  • Range Servant (ball dispensers)
  • WebCreative (ClubView websites)
  • ACT (door access)
  • IET (door access)
  • Projeny (door access)
  • Microsoft® Jet Database (various)
  • Microsoft Office®
    • All your software applications will communicate with each other in real time
    • All software is updated from one central membership database. Only add the member record once
    • This cuts down on staff administration time and the chance of data entry errors
    • Control everything from the comfort of your own PC
    • Create an unlimited number of management reports, using the Filter Tools, or request bespoke reports from our helpdesk
    • Use our Croft Accounts integration to automate nominal accounts postings
    • Multiple purse option allows competition entry fees to be debited automatically from a second purse
    • Members' will only need one card (or fob) which is usable across all of your systems
    • Use the best software from specialists in their field, rather than a one-stop-shop solution