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Helens Bay Golf Club

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Helens Bay Golf Club is a 9 hole course in a picturesque setting, with fantastic views over Belfast Lough, from the village of Helens Bay. The Club appointed IT convenor Ross Campbell to oversee upgrades to their IT systems, including the card loyalty and membership software. Keeping in mind the need to make improvements on the existing system - including the use of branded tills and an automatic link to Croft Accounts software - we were commissioned to install a two till system in May 2015. Two Toshiba tills with Epson printers were installed for use in the bar and catering departments, linked to a separate printer for wine orders. The software is linked in real time to Croft Membership, and the administration staff also save lots of time by making use of the link to Croft Accounts, which allows for auto nominal account postings for all income via the loyalty system. We used the existing GUI magnetic swipe cards, to allow for member discounts and topups.


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