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Aspinalls Casino provides a superior level of service to its members and is frequented by the world`s most discerning gamblers. Open Solutions installed 3 NCR RealPOS touchscreen tills with real-time integration with the Progressive Gaming Industries (EndX) casino management system. Shortly after the system was commissioned House Manager Malcolm Atherton had this to say - it has only been a month, but it is already making a big difference. For a start, I have complete confidence in the figures that our new till system from Open Solutions is producing, whereas before, due to the impact of a large figure for adjustments, the credibility of the figures coming from the previous EPoS system was in real doubt. To manage an F&B operation properly, you simply must have figures and reports you and your Board can believe. The stock control system is great; I wanted one that would be resilient but easy to manage, and while many systems are very complex, the one from Open Solutions is just what I need. Our wine stock is incredibly valuable, and now that everyone knows I can track every item and bottle purchased, I am also confident that any opportunities for pilfering are being cut out. For me, the best thing about Open Solutions has been their whole attitude to developing an EPoS system for the way I needed to manage the F&B operation at Aspinalls. Instead of being presented with a take it or leave it attitude, they have bent over backwards to make sure everything works the way I want it.


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