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Reliably secure identification of till operators

With the best will in the world, it is impossible to guarantee that staff will never lose or share a password, card or keyfob. The inconvenience of having to carry around and remember these conventional identification devices frequently leads to issues regarding the security of your system and the validity of data entered into it.

Using fingerprint identification can solve all of these problems while simultaneously making the system easier to use for your staff.

As the first supplier in our sector to deliver these systems, Open Solutions have a proven track record in supplying dependable, branded biometric till systems.

Because we only use top branded POS terminals from the likes of Panasonic and NCR - complete with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer - you have the combined security of biometric fingerprint identification and reliable hardware that is tested and built to far higher standards than other less expensive tills. All tills are supplied with a standard 3 year manufacturer warranty, and are "retail hardened".

The combination of the best security available on the market, and the highest quality hardware, creates unbeatable peace of mind.

For more details about the hardware we use, please click here

Swipe cards - A lost or stolen card can cause a real security threat. If not dealt with instantly, a lost or stolen card could create a major vulnerability in your system.

Key Fobs - Because key fobs are supposed to be physically attached to staff at all times, they are generally considered more secure than swipe cards. However, experience has shown that staff members often do not keep these fobs attached to their person, again posing a security threat.

Passwords - Statistics have shown repeatedly that often up to 50% of passwords in a system are easily guessable. Passwords cannot be considered 100% effective.

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The benefits
  • Most secure ID method on the market
  • Easy to use
  • Set up takes seconds
  • Guarantee accurate time and attendance records for employees
  • Always know what is sold and by whom
  • Reliable hardware with 3 year guarantee
To create a new user on the system, you simply need to scan a finger four times. Once this is done, you are set up and ready to start logging in using nothing more than your finger!
You cannot lose or forget your fingers! Equally, it is impossible for a member of staff to log somebody else onto the system, meaning you can have total faith in the integrity of your recorded statistics - you know that your records for staff punctuality and attendance are accurate.