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We specialise in integrated computer systems for members and proprietory clubs in the UK and Ireland. Our systems are designed to operate on the latest Microsoft Windows® platforms. We have existing customers ranging from the simplest to the most complex operations. Any or all of our products can work seamlessly together.

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Open solutions staff

About us - meet the team


Open Solutions has enjoyed remarkable growth and profitablility to date and, as our name suggests, we are open about sharing our statistics with everyone. Below you will find statistics showing growth in our till system client base over 14 years and financial results based on the past 14 years accounts.

opensolutions - Here are some important statistics and interesting facts:

  • 238 Gpos Till System Clients.
  • 1288 Software licences sold.
  • 521 Gpos Touchscreen Tills supported.
  • 223,000 Membership loyalty accounts.
  • Over 74 million per year passes through Gpos Touchscreen Tills.

opensolutions - A Brief Financial History

2002-2003 Open Solutions (UK) Limited was incorporated in May 2002. In its first year the company astounded its competitors by outperforming most of them. 20 prestigious clubs became long-term clients and careful financial control produced a net profit for the year of 30,091 with a turnover of 132,151.

2003-2004 After considerable investment in staff, premises, technology and advertising year two again proved to be profitable whilst competitors were returning poor results. The company doubled its client base and reported a net profit of 25,781 with turnover of 170,099.

2004-2005 After unsuccessful negotiations to purchase the client base of our main competitor we successfully recruited a new sales team in January 2005 and this had an immediate impact. At the same time David Brown of DJB Software became a Director under an agreement that gave Open Solutions (UK) Ltd access to a further 300 clients. Net profit for the year was 50,707 with a turnover of 331,069.

2005-2006 During this year further restructuring saw the formation of Open Solutions Technologies Ltd and the start of business for Open Solutions International Ltd. Open Solutions (UK) Ltd became the Sales and Marketing wing of the Group. Open Solutions Ireland became a dealership in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Open Solutions (UK) Ltd is now wholly owned by Open Solutions International Ltd which produced joint turnover of 410,849 and joint net profits of 50,700. Open Solutions Technologies Ltd, in its first year of trading, made 34,964 with 125,761 turnover. Overall turnover was 536,610 and overall net profit was 85,673. These figures exclude the profits of DJB Software Ltd.

2006-2007 During the financial year Open Solutions International Ltd made an outright purchase of Open Solutions Technologies Ltd and became the main trading company in hardware, software and support services. The new streamlined company saw some important improvements in systems and development. Turnover was 520,000 and improvements in performance saw profits rise to over 105,000.

2007-2008 This year saw the launch of the OSiS clubhouse management system. OSiS (Open Solutions Integrated Information System) has been a huge success story for the company. Despite investments in the new technology the company again had a profitable year. The Directors smartly pre-empted the downturn in the golf club marketplace by pushing further into other markets such as casinos, masonic lodges, cricket, rugby and general sports clubs.

2008-2009 The new OSiS Membership module was released to the golf club market and increased sales saw profits again rise to almost 100,000 whilst some major competitors struggled to show any signs of success.

2009-2010 In the summer the company opened it's new offices in Cheshire with technical support and in-house training facilities. In the winter a new purpose built Software Development Centre was opened in Greece. With slightly reduced turnover but increased efficiency net profits are again close to 100,000 whilst competitors in the golf market take desperate measures to try to remain solvent.

2010-2011 This year's performance was adversely affected by the sad death of our long term colleague David Brown of DJB Software. Some competitors took it upon themselves to seriously mislead our golf club clients in the UK and this resulted in the loss of some otherwise happy customers. In addition the year saw some substantial investment in software development.

2011-2012 Despite the actions of our competitors in the previous year this year we celebrated our most successful year ever. We had record net profits and our highest ever rise in net profit. The year has been particularly good for us whilst one of our major competitors has recently entered into a voluntary arrangement with its creditors. We are very confident that the company will continue to gain strength.

opensolutions - Future of the Group.

Open Solutions International Limited

Open Solutions International Ltd will continue its growth in the golf clubs market and other markets. The company develops software products and provides software, hardware and data support services to all clients of the group. The company also provides Sales and Marketing, Accounts, Payroll, Credit Control and general office services to all members of the Group. From August 2006, as the new Parent Company, all new business will be conducted by Open Solutions International Ltd.

Open Solutions (UK) Limited.

After its acquisition by Open Solutions International Ltd this company will now become effectively dormant with the parent company taking over its staff and all sales and marketing functions.

Open Solutions Technologies Limited

After its acquisition by Open Solutions International Ltd this company will now become effectively dormant with the parent company taking over all sales and marketing functions. Open Solutions Technologies Ltd was essentially a hardware company providing installation and maintenance services to clients of the Group. In addition it also provided full systems to non-golf club clients. The company developed cutting edge Access Control and other products using the latest technology.

The Current Marketplace

Due to stiff competition and growing customer demands at present there are several companies that are finding it increasingly difficult to survive, particularly those that have been concentrating on golf club business. One such company went into liquidation in November 2005, leaving a trail of unsettled debt, and then claimed it had been 'taken over' by a foreign company, itself now struggling to get a foothold in the UK. The clear advice to any potential purchaser of clubhouse systems is to check out the financial results of the companies tendering for your business. The information is available for public view here

Phil Griffin, founding director

The Directors will continue to firmly establish Open Solutions as the most financially stable group of companies, with the most innovative products and the best support services in the business, bringing genuine peace of mind to its prestigious clients." - Phil Griffin, Group Chairman

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