Posted 24 February


Open Solutions International are going to be in the news and we wanted you to hear it directly from us first.

Earlier this year, ClearCourse approached us. They have been in the trade press a lot recently due to their acquisition of innovative tech companies; including the one you are likely most familiar with, intelligentgolf.

After extremely careful consideration, we have accepted an offer for Open Solutions to join intelligentgolf.  We see it as an exciting chance for Open Solutions customers to continue receiving the support they require to continue business as usual.

What does this mean for our clients?

It’s natural that you might be concerned that this change could negatively impact your organisation and current projects. We can assure you it won’t.

You will continue receiving support for the software which you require for the day to day running of your business.

Although intelligentgolf has originated in the golf sector, it has also begun branching into other markets including your sector. 

What will change?

You should not notice any changes in your day to day. intelligentgolf will ensure as little disruption as possible. Open Solutions and intelligentgolf employees will be working hand in hand to ensure they continue to provide a high-quality service to customers.

Who are ClearCourse Partnership?

ClearCourse is a Partnership with a mission to acquire innovative technology companies that offer useful technology solutions to the membership, events & booking, and sports & lifestyle sectors. These companies help organisations optimise the relationships and experiences of their members and clients.