Posted 20 August

Open Solutions announces its new digital ticketing system

No more having to deal with bits of paper if you don’t want to, and now any club can tell the RFU exactly how many are attending its match days, writes Charles de Haan

Ticketing has come a long way since it was just a matter of handling lots of bits of paper and hoping everyone was honest… In a major step forwards for any rugby club that hosts matches, Open Solutions, the market leader in EPoS  and membership solutions for rugby clubs, has now developed its own proprietary ticketing system.

As you’d expect with a system that’s been developed over two years in tandem with two major rugby clubs, Henley RUFC and Cambridge RUFC, the result is a comprehensively proven solution that deals with a variety of different scenarios, from hard wired gate points using laptops to WiFi-driven handheld devices.

Ticket scanning machine with example ticket

Scans members’ cards, and deals with cash transactions

The Open Solutions ticketing system assumes clubs have one or more access control points or gates. It can scan both members’ season tickets and because many clubs now use membership cards to drive their EPoS systems as well, it can scan those membership cards as well.

It can deal with simple ticket purchase transactions at the gate or door, or via membership cards, and will always identify who’s a member – and who isn’t, ie. it can tell the gatekeepers who’s a guest, or a member of the public who’s a visitor.

VIP treatment, and printed tickets

As clubs are used to laying on entertainment facilities for sponsors, the Open Solutions ticketing system is able to deal with VIP passes as well as standard passes. So yes, it can also handle tickets for access to privileged areas, and help the club stop access by those that aren’t so entitled! 

Some clubs want to print tickets out in real time, and this brilliant new system can enable the club to do that as well, if it wants, using standard till receipt printers and unique bar codes that prevent ‘recycling’ of the valuable tickets for someone’s ‘mates’...

Mobile ready, and RFU ready - NOW

The system’s also fully smartphone or mobile ready, as it can enable the purchase of tickets both online and to be scanned from the phone’s screen, just like airport gates do for air travellers.

Most importantly, aside of what it can do up to and on the match day itself, the system then reports to the club in real time the head count and attendance data in accordance with the RFU’s own reporting requirements, and can do so prior to the beginning of the match or event.

For more information, or a demo of this proven solution to any club’s ticketing operation challenges, just call 01732 367 227, or e-mail Open Solutions on