Posted 22 July

Rugby clubs want Open Solutions

In the last few months no less than four rugby clubs have ordered our market leading EPoS system: Medway, Chobham, Rams, and Grove RUFCs

They want our EPoS solution because it fully - not partially - integrates with the RFU's Game Management System, gives their members loyalty cards and fully reconcilable discount privileges, and is easy for their bar staff to learn and operate. Some have also taken up our Paymentsense PDQ machines offer as well, to ensure faster bar service and order turnaround.

Ticketing systems to suit your club

By going with Open Solutions, these same clubs are future-proofing their match ticketing arrangements as well, because our latest application is ready to go operational.

It’s a ticketing system that works with our EPoS software and membership database/GMS, and which can be either wireless and handheld, or cabled to the till. Three of the clubs are planning to install this new Open Solutions feature before the new 2019/2020 season starts.