Posted 21 January

New developments for 2019

Things to make life easier for you and your members

GPoS and Cobra: a major priority in 2019 is to ensure our members’ app is re-written to work for members of the clubs that use the GPoS EPoS system. This means the members' app will also need to work with the latest versions of Croft Membership and HandicapMaster, which adds to the complexity of this task, but we believe it’s well worth the effort for the benefits it will provide you.

ApplePay and AndroidPay: our mobile app will aim to offer both these transaction capabilities by summer 2019.

Club Diary: this will be designed so that the club office controls the club diary (online for maximum flexibility), while members can view, book and pay for tee times, competitions, social functions and so on. Likewise, visitors will be able to see what’s on at the club, and book and pay for tee times that are available.

The new online club diary will also aim to bring together and update existing features like CHIPs Bookings and online tee time booking systems provided by both Open Solutions, and integrated tee time search brands like because our software fully integrates with this innovative app, club members will be able to use their app to book and pay for lessons with the club pro or any other of the teaching pros, simply by going into their based online diary.

RangeServant: clubs using the RangeServant ball cleaning and dispensing machines will soon be able to use their mobile app and cards to get buckets of balls to hit on their clubs’ ranges.