Posted 21 January

Changing your website? Tell us first!

If you’re going to create a stunning new website, make sure you tell us first! New websites still need to be set up with a members' section that shows your members their personal data, and as this involves a fair amount of extra work by the website design team, they also need to know about the work involved.

Once you've told us you're getting a new website and who the designer/developer is, we'll establish if our existing API (Application Programming Interface) for website interfacing will be sufficient, or if we need to develop a new one for a small charge. After that, we will pass over various files and codes to your designers so that your new website's members section or pages can 'talk' or share information with our administrative software to show members' account balances, results, latest handicaps, etc.

Looking around for a new website? Our Software already fully integrates with a terrific website specialist, Golfworking, using APIs we know will work to let all your members see all their personal information and accounts on their laptops and smartphones.

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