Posted 26 November

Three more golf clubs are getting our fully integrated solution

Welcome on board Pontnewydd, Llanishen and Hopeman golf clubs

Impressed by the presentation from our support engineer Andy Hornby and Croft's Rick Critchley at the September GCMA South Wales meeting, to maximise the benefits from the full integration with Croft's accounts and membership applications, Pontnewydd and Llanishen's decision makers have ordered our EPoS system, to be installed before Christmas.

In Llanishen's case, there will also be a link to their existing Golfworking website so members can check their bar balances online. Far up on the north coast of Scotland, existing Croft accounts customer Hopeman Golf Club liked what they saw on our website about their existing Croft accounts being integrated with our EPoS system, and will have it installed in the New Year. Alongside the operational benefits and time saving efficiencies, like all Croft's other customers for its accounts package, now these three clubs will also be ready for the HMRC's Making Tax Digital (MTD) deadlines in April 2019. Rick Critchley adds:

"The advantage of the system is that the VAT return will be submitted directly by the Croft software, so no more logging into the HMRC website. The system will store historic returns and remind customers when the return is due, which will hopefully mean that they don’t ever get missed in the future."