Posted 19 November

Rochford Hundred GC’s new mobile app

‘It’s the best thing the club’s done this year!’

Similar to most club secretaries, Tracey Hodson gets plenty of members feedback…so we’re very pleased to report that when the club, located near Southend, agreed to install the new members’ app from Open Solutions, even Tracey was taken aback by the comments she received.

“It’s been amazingly positive,” said Tracey, “which was the last thing I was expecting! One of our older members came in and told me that in his opinion the app was the best thing the club had done this year. Well, as any club manager knows, you don’t hear that sort of thing very often, do you?!”

The approach taken over the installation at Rochford Hundred may have made a difference, in that while the app was first set up some six months ago in April, it was restricted to a small number of members at first, hand picked by Tracey to represent different age groups of users and both iPhone and Android based users. With everything working as it should, the app was rolled out to the members in August 2018.

Besides the usual features, because it’s a native not a web app it’s got two unique advantages over any rival app: push notifications and 24/7 online topping up of bar card balances. The latter feature is already reducing the time spent by the bar team having to top up in the middle of dealing with orders, and it also proved invaluable when the club’s own PDQ machine went down.

Now that members can check their club app for handicap information and other members’ contact details, Tracey's seeing a drop in the number of requests coming into the office, along with the ensuing interruptions to her team’s daily work flow.

The app not only shows the club’s diary of events and competitions, but when the club’s ready with its full list of competitions for 2019, the app will let members enter and pay for club competitions from their smartphone as well.

Knowing a bargain when she sees one, Tracey took up an offer made by CEO Ed Beale when the club was originally looking at the app. As it happened, the club had also been looking at setting up a club lottery or draw to help raise a bit more money for special projects. So when Ed bundled both the members’ app and the lottery system into one time limited but very attractive price, his offer was snapped up.

Besides Rochford Hundred’s new members’ app obviously hitting the mark with the membership, the new club draw’s already adding a few hundred pounds a month to Rochford Hundred’s bottom line, as well as make some lucky members even happier with their membership – but that’s another story.