Posted 1 August

Newport's Ray Chilten talks to The Golf Business about Open Solutions and Croft package

In an extract from the UK's widest read golf club management magazine, Newport GC's GM Ray Chilten discusses the unique integrated package of Croft's accounting and Open Solutions' EPoS systems, and outlines all the benefits he and his members are now reaping.

You recently installed a new EpoS system from Open Solutions throughout the club. What were the problems you were facing daily that initiated the club to do this and how did you go about sourcing this system?  

We decided to review and redesign our IT systems within the club. Paul Adams, our treasurer, was looking to reduce the additional manual spreadsheets that were involved in the financial processes at the club.

We had an EPoS membership and accounting systems which did not interact or work together.

It was necessary to create various Excel spreadsheets to allow gathering of the EPoS data to allow input into our Croft accounting system. It was clear that our previous system could not be integrated with Croft Computer Systems, a bespoke golf club membership and accounting package.

To eliminate potential human errors in accounting and in the transferring of information, together with the additional time it took to create the spreadsheet and then input it into the account systems, it was decided to look at alternatives.

Ray putting
Image: Ray's now reaping the benefits of all the time saved by the Croft and Open Solutions package!

By moving our membership and EPoS systems to Open Solutions, we now have an integrated system which, once the monies are checked, the accounting system nominals are uploaded at a click of a button.

This has resulted in us being able to relook at the opening hours of the office, due to the man hour savings alone.

We now can readily balance the EPoS bar card to each member and duplicate this in the Professional Membership book. Transactions are totally transparent with the system and can be checked by the member at any one time.

Our systems are now much more robust, saving us time and eliminating potential human errors in handling and input. We have seen a significant improvement in the speed of transactions where the EPoS till talks to the server without the need to go back and forth to and from the cloud.

We would highly recommend the use of the integrated system which produces all the necessary controls and documentation at a great price.

(Reproduced with permission of The Golf Business magazine)