Posted 23 July

Would you like £26,000 pound’s worth of new members?

Whatever you’re advertising (membership, societies, green fees…), it’s vital that your advert is designed around and targeted at your target audience to get the biggest return from your advertising spend. That’s advertising 101. Social media advertising is still a relatively new concept to the golf industry, but it’s having a HUGE impact

Social media allows your advertising to be extremely well targeted, giving you the opportunity to show your adverts specifically to golfers within a certain radius of your club (or specific surrounding areas), of a particular age, gender, and more…

It’s something that a large percentage of golf clubs still aren’t exploiting to their advantage. To give you an idea of social media’s effectiveness, our latest membership campaign generated £26,000 in brand new members, from an advertising budget of only £150, across a 6 week advertising period on Facebook alone - an ROI of 17,233%.

Just in case you’re thinking that’s a one-hit-wonder, for another golf club client we generated over £22,000 in new members, £5,000 in additional green fee revenue - in February! - and £8,000 more in new society bookings… all from a similar advertising spend.


We use a tried and tested method to generate genuine leads that golf clubs can follow up, and supported them through the follow up process. In a nutshell:

  1. Advertise an unbeatable offer to an extremely targeted audience on social media, with a specific expiry date (e.g. a 2-for-1 offer that’s valid until the end of the month)
  2. Build a webpage where customers have to provide their data to get this unbeatable offer (either on your own website or using landing page software such as Instapage or woodbox)
  3. Follow up with the customer via email and telephone to encourage them to take advantage of the offer and upsell (Mailchimp is a fantastic platform for managing your email marketing, if you don’t have one in place already)
  4. Repeat... 

This process isn't rocket science, but it really does work and more and more golf clubs are doing it to reap the rewards.

So ask yourself: have you got a marketing process in place to generate membership, society and green fee leads? If not, this is the place to start...and we can help you with every step of the way.

Just call me, Brandon Trimmer, at my office on 01243 523 133 or my mobile 07770 220 007, or if you can afford to wait, then come along to one of the user group meetings - just check the second story in the e-newsletter or click here for locations and dates all around the UK!