Posted 11 July

The Top Tech Tip: Keep your servers turned on!

Did you know that to make sure all your EPoS data is properly transferred and available to your members, it's essential to keep your server turned on 24/7? Open Solutions’ support engineers Rob Payne and Andy Hornby explain why.

CHIPs: Rob Payne

“It all depends on where the data is held. If data is held on the server and it’s turned off, then your EPoS till or tills will stop working completely.”

He explains: “The membership management and CHIPs back office software are usually held on one machine (typically a PC, sometimes a laptop) at the club and this is set up as the server. Some clubs don’t have a dedicated server so it may be a back office machine or even one of the tills, which is quite common.”

“If the machine where the Open Solutions membership management and/or CHIPs software is located, is then turned off eg. at the end of the working day, then no other machine will work or sync in terms of sharing data.”

“If the machine that holds the membership management/CHIPs link is turned off, then communication between us and them will stop working, and that in turn will stop both our ‘web services’ feature AND the club members’ app from functioning properly - and that means your members won’t be able to see their latest balances, handicaps, etc.!”

“Also if clubs add any cards or new members to the membership management software, and the machine that runs the link is turned off for any reason, then all that information will not get transferred to CHIPs and those swipe cards won’t work on tills…”

GPoS: Andy Hornby

“The OSiS/GPoS software is reliant on an Access database named Gpos.mdb. This database is stored either on an office Server/PC or on one of the club’s tills.”

He continues: “Therefore this machine needs to be switched on 24/7 to allow access to the OSiS/GPoS software from any machine on the network.”

So the moral of this story is: keep your server(s) turned on 24/7 please!

That way, we can always ensure all your data is transferred and synced, and you can enable your members to use their bar cards, and access their personal data!