All our hardware is 'retail hardened' from the leading manufacturers such as IBM, NCR, Toshiba, Panasonic and Epson so there is less on-site maintenance and decreased failure rates with the equipment.

EPoS Units

Designed for bars, restaurants and shops, the highly advanced touch screen tills are the most flexible available. Using our advanced software, they operate in real time and have many options including restaurant table management, barcoding systems, stock control, and points systems. Members can also check their statements online.

Key Features

  • Advanced POS functionality
  • Large touch screen
  • Retail hardened design
  • Complete suite of peripherals: card readers, rear display, fingerprint sensor
  • Real time access to and updating of data
  • Multiple kitchen printer support
  • Secure operator sign on options including biometric fingerprint readers
  • Automatic software updates


We use high performance Epson thermal printers. They are a must have for any fast moving retail or hospitality environment, without the distracting noise associated with impact printers, and offer excellent value for money.

Key Features

  • Produce receipts, bills and statements
  • Super fast at 47 lines per second
  • Last between 8 and 10 years, if not longer
  • Dedicated kitchen food order printing with audible bell to alert kitchen staff
  • Barcode label printing

Bar code scanners

Particularly useful in golf pro shops and busy bars, our systems can use high quality laser barcode scanners to scan products either to sell, or to generate barcodes for new products.

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of products on the system
  • Each item doesn't need to be displayed on the till screen
  • Use with an Epson barcode printer

Door Access Control

Our access control systems use the same cards and card technologies as our tills. This includes magnetic swipe cards and our own proprietary proximity cards. Proximity cards are the more secure type and are also contactless, meaning you simply wave the card over a reader.

A door access system can save you money by doing away with the need for a door attendant. A card reader and keypad, along with door controller and magnetic lock, can be installed on a main entrance, locker rooms, external gate or barrier etc., all linked to the same central database and the till system.

Key Features

  • Integration and data export options for your existing system, including Paxton and IET (Wintacs), which use the same card technology as our tills
  • Add time zones, user groups and special PIN codes, all tailored around your opening hours and access requirements
  • Annual software and/or hardware support for all newly installed systems, as well as existing ACT and Paxton systems

Swipe cards & proximity keyfobs

Our tills work with swipe cards and/or proximity keyfobs, and your members will only need to carry one card in order to be recognised by your entire system. So the same card will gain entry to the premises and purchase items at the bar and pro shop, making it much easier for your members to enjoy your club.

If you are currently using magnetic swipe cards and you're looking to upgrade your system, in most cases we can re-use your existing cards, as well as supplying extra stock of them in future. For new orders, design and proofing is at no extra cost.

Key Features

  • Magnetic swipe cards
  • Proximity keyfobs and cards
  • Range of accessories including lanyards and holders
  • Most items held in stock
  • Next day delivery is available if you hold a credit account with us
  • Competitive prices, with discounts based on minimum order quantities