Our Partners

In order to provide what our customers need when they use our systems, especially our proprietary cashless payment and EPoS systems, we work with a number of other specialists to provide comprehensive and fully integrated business solutions:

Bedford Beck

A bespoke software solutions provider, our EPoS and membership system works with their golf club websites to provide members’ account information online, and with the MyTeeTime booking engine.

BRS Golf

With over 1,200 golf club customers, many using their website offering as well, BRS Golf is the largest online tee time booking system in the UK&I.


A designer of some 200+ bespoke golf club websites, CLUBView is used by a large number of our own customers, and their members access their accounts and competitions information online via our EPoS integration.


Best known for their golf club accounting software, our EPoS software can automatically upload sales data to their ledgers. It also integrates with Croft’s membership software to provide golf clubs and their members with a complete bar, catering and pro shop cashless payments solution.


The largest provider of golf handicap software in the UK, HandicapMaster is used by many of our own customers, whose members run accounts with our EPoS system.


The niche provider of an online lesson booking and diary system for PGA Professionals, we work with them to offer pro shops a comprehensive income generating package combining our EPoS system and their lesson booking app.

First Sports International

FSI was commissioned by the RFU to develop software for all levels of rugby clubs, in order to handle membership data recording for player development, and a payment transactions capability. Driven by membership cards and accounts, our EPoS system is the only one that is fully integrated with FSI’s Game Management System, providing rugby clubs with a complete club management toolkit.


A complete IT and facilities services provider covering technology, security, infrastructure and design, Unigold supports both the technology and people at customers that include some of the top golf clubs in the UK.


A cashless school payments provider, ParentPay enables schools to operate our EPoS system by allowing parents to top up the cards their children use to buy meals, primarily school lunches, backed up by comprehensive financial reporting.


ParentMail connects schools and parents, making essential communications much simpler for everyone. This includes making online payments on their children’s cards, which is where we come in with our EPoS system.


A specialist software developer, Smartcode covers a wide range of aspects from online security, connectivity and networking, to antivirus, malware and problem solving.


A mobile software developer, Ucreate is the team with whom we developed one of the best club members’ apps available.