We are Open Solutions, a business solutions provider

We are EPoS and cashless payment specialists. We're helping more than 250 clubs and schools manage data and generate revenues from our fully integrated, open platform based technology. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

4 Reasons we are a cut above the rest

Increase your revenue

Our EPoS system is loaded with money making features, from differential pricing between members and visitors, to improved discount schemes for your bigger spenders. Now we’ve added a system to automate club lotteries as well, to help our customers make even more money.

Saves you time

Well designed software makes you more efficient. Our EPoS tills allow much faster order turn around. Our members' app is saving club managers hours every week because members don't need to keep asking for things like their account balances that are now on the app!

Technology that's user friendly

Easy to use EPoS systems provide faster order turnarounds and better service to members and visitors in bars and restaurants.

Long established large client base

We started in 2004, and have never looked back. Customers often recommend us to their peers, and now we are looking after more than 250 clubs and schools, helping them to improve their efficiency, increase their bottom line, and give better service.